Five Unusual Places for your Business Meetings

Why not make a radical break from routine for the organisation of your next meeting? There are plenty of unusual and inspiring places, some close to you, some far far away. Here are some suggestions to get you thinking about it.

unusual business meeting© credit: Marco Oriolesi

Meetings provide the opportunity to share ideas, resolve problems and work together on a project with everybody around the table. But if you keep on meeting in the same place, your creative juices will start drying up. So why not put your routine on hold to try something new?

1. St Paul’s Catacombs (Malta)

You could always try combining your meeting with a bit of culture. It’s easy to do this in Malta. In the mediaeval village of Rabat, St. Paul’s Catacombs are not only open to tourists, but also have a meeting room that businesses can hire, right in the middle of this historic site.

2. The Eiffel Tower (Paris)

Although there’s only one meeting room in the Eiffel Tower, it can hold nearly 300! This makes it more suitable for a large-scale plenary session than an intimate meeting between colleagues.

3. Pairi Daiza (Belgium)

If it’s a dream location you are looking for, why not organise your meeting at Pairi Daiza, in the heart of the Belgian countryside? In this magnificent wildlife park you can meet animals from all over the world, and you can also run meetings and conferences here.

4. Conference bike (The Netherlands)

Pedalling around a meeting table? You’re joking! Actually, no. A halfway point between a maxi “cuistax” and a meeting room, the Conference Bike is a way of getting your colleagues to sit round a mobile meeting table while everybody does their bit to pedal around the surrounding countryside. A sure-fire way of finding fresh ideas!

5. A covered amphitheatre in Berlin (Germany)

The workshop meeting space in Berlin Kreuzberg’s betahaus is frequently hired by start-ups for their meetings. This German coworking centre offers some “classic” meeting rooms in addition to more unusual places such as its cosy modern amphitheatre. No meeting tables to be seen, but cushions are placed on the tiers for everyone to sit comfortably during the meeting.

Did you know?

Factory Forty also offers unusual meeting venues for you to try. Relax in our small garden – with its duck pond – take a stroll around our chicken coop between two sessions of high-octane discussions.

— David

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