Why your business thrives on coworking

Coworking is attracting more and more enthusiasts. Its host of benefits explains its popularity, as you will see below.

coworking is good for your business© credit: Toa Heftiba

It makes your work more meaningful

Coming from all backgrounds, coworkers are huge fans of coworking. Whether freelancers, entrepreneurs, or even employees of large firms, they all work in a wide range of business sectors. In general, they thrive best when working on projects that they really care about. This positive alchemy can boost personal morale for the whole working day. “Finally, a workplace with a soul!” enthuses Nathalie, a co-worker at Factory Forty.

It increases your productivity

You have uninterrupted access to your coworking space: this is helpful when inspiration drives you to work late into the night or brings you in early in the morning! Usually each coworking space is managed flexibly yet organised in such a way that discourages procrastination. For you it can be a private office, a shared platform, or a space for relaxation: you can come and go, or create breaks in your workday, to suit your personal agenda. According to a study published by the Harvard Business School, this flexibility increases your productivity. So, instead of hovering between your bedroom and your living room, why not go to a coworking space?

It is more comfortable to work in

A coworking space is more comfortable to work in than a traditional office while costing you a lot less. Shared coworking spaces give you access to a higher grade of equipment without making you pay the earth for it. In the United States, for example, using a coworking space comes in at 15% cheaper than leasing a traditional office. This allows you to make other investments. On the subject of comfort, did you know that Factory Forty also has a sunny garden, ideal for you to recharge your batteries?

It increases contact opportunities

From the coffee machine to the rest area, a coworking space provides many opportunities for making contacts. You can take advantage of this to widen your network in a more natural way than going to networking events or business speed-dating gigs. Annabella, a co-worker at Factory Forty, points out, “Coworkers are operating in widely different domains. These opportunities for networking are fantastic”.

It plays a major role in mutual support

Coworking is also, and above all, a community. Sharing the same workspace generates a convivial atmosphere and spirit of healthy competition. Drawing on their complex palette of skills, coworkers often develop a culture of mutual support. According to Deskmag, 71% of those surveyed said they were working together with other members of their coworking space. Another opportunity to grow your business!

Come and join the Factory Forty community!

— David

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